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Ek Pada Shirasana or Foot Behind the Head Pose - steps and benefits

Ek Pada Shirasana or Foot Behind the Head Pose is a pose in which you have to get your leg behind your head and be in same position for sometime. This needs too much flexibility and strength in your body. After practising different asanas/poses for many days, you will get such flexibility to do this asana.

Ek Pada Shirasana or Foot Behind the Head Pose Steps - Sit upright and keep both the legs straight in front of you.
Now, Bend your right knee, bringing the sole of the right foot to the ground in line with the left knee.
Lower the right knee down to ground to the right, opening the hip.
Then, grab the ankle of the right foot and hug the right shin in towards the chest. The knee and ankle should be in line with one another.
With the left hand grasping the right ankle, start to draw the right knee slightly out to the right-side to provide room for the right shoulder to eventually fit underneath.
Ensure that both sit bones are firmly planted and the hips are even before beginning …

Vajrasana or Adamintine pose - Steps and Benefits

Vajrasana means Adamintine pose. It is a kneeling pose. Different types of pranayam can be done by sitting in this asana. In this article, we are going to learn Steps and Benefits of Vajrasana or Adamintine pose.
Steps of Vajrasana (Adamintine Pose) – Kneel down, stretch your lower legs backward and keep them together. Your big toes should cross each other.
Now, slowly lower your body in order to rest your buttocks on your heels and thighs on your calf muscles.
Place your hands on your knees, and keep your head absolutely straight and backbone errect.
Keep breathing normal. Try to concentrate on breathing.
You could close your eyes. This will calm your mind and you will feel relax.
This is Vajrasana.

Precautions to take before doing Vajrasana (Adamintine Pose) – Normally, any asana should be done with an empty stomach. But, this could be done after having some food. Even, it is suggested to do this asana after having food.
Don’t do it forcefully. Do it, till you feel comfortable other…